What are we trying to Solve ?

Are you looking to change flavor of the RDBMS and consume AWS Aurora Postgres to utilize features of Aurora Postgres like switchover to other availability zone with warm cache to reduce MTTD and MTTR automatically or want to move away from traditional log buffer bottlenecks or consume faster vacuuming on Aurora Postgres or save overall cost and move to Aurora RDS ?

Are you in phase of deciding which RDBMS flavor should be used to run your transactional database and still in the decision phase? Example you want to move off the workload from Oracle/SQL Server and consume Aurora Postgres…

What are we trying to Solve ?

Do you want to upgrade your mission critical complex mammoth RDBMS in house or in cloud on AWS EC2 with a solid rollback strategy ? Do you want to migrate the RDBMS from in house to cloud with a fallback option ? Example you want to upgrade from SQL Server 2012 to 2019 , there could be different strategies to reach the end state. Choosing an upgrade method isn’t easy one. It depends on so many variables in your environment that you have to step back and approach it in a holistic way. It has to be a combined decision…



As per Murphy’s law “Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong” . Hence after chasing 100% availability target, our next goal should always be to minimize MTTD and MTTR. Active/active replication systems have been in talks for the last several years to keep MTTD ( mean time to detection ) and MTTR ( Mean Time to Repair ) in control. With active — active database architecture the MTTD and MTTR becomes minimal to negligible and cater critical business/application availability requirements.

Although active-active adds to architecture complexity but gives a mammoth amount of gain during outages. The blog audience is for…

What is Big Data Processing ?

Big data processing is a process of handling large volumes of data . 3 V’s ( Volume , Variety and Velocity ) are three defining properties of big data . Volume refers to the amount of data , variety refers to the number of types of data and velocity refers to speed of data processing.

What are we trying to Solve ?

How should I do processing on Big Data ? What are the choices ? How should I choose and decide ? There are organizations who want to set up Big Data Infrastructure , there are organizations who want to move away from one MPP to…

Rajesh Saluja

Principal Big Data Engineer at Small Business and Self Employed Group, Intuit. https://www.linkedin.com/in/rajeshsaluja/

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